In-Progress Transformation: Highlighting Dakota Chapman

1. What originally brought you to Champ City? Why did you feel like you needed help along your journey to better health? 

I came to Champ City because I believed in the same holistic approach that Coach Eric uses in his program. I needed help breaking the ice with routine exercise and how to address my goals in a safe way.

2. What have been some of your primary goals, both physically, and mentally? 

My primary physical goals have been to improve mobility, energy, and strength. Mentally I wanted to improve my sleep and overall relationship with food and exercise.

3. What has your experience been like working with Eric and the Champ City team?

 My experience with Coach E and the CC team has been excellent. They are next level coaches who give me the resources to set attainable yet challenging goals. Their experience and encouragement has been a critical part of my health journey.

4. What do you feel helped you the most on your journey?

The app is a game changer. Every exercise, stat, and meal is tracked in a very user friendly interface. It’s a very high quality app.

5. How do you feel today? Do you feel you have all the tools to continue to grow in the future?

It’s hard to describe how I feel today compared to 3 months ago when I started. My energy has increased, my mobility has increased ten-fold, my strength has increased, I’m sleeping better, I have consistent energy throughout the day. I feel like I have every resource needed to continue my journey and create lasting change.

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