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By clicking through these terms, or signing the Order to which they are attached, you are entering into an agreement with Champ City Holistic Fitness to provide Services to you. That agreement between us is comprised of these Terms of Service, the Order to which they are attached or by which they are referenced, the SLA, AUP, DPA, and Privacy policy which are referenced herein, and any other terms, exhibits, schedules, or addenda which are referenced by any of the preceding (collectively the “Agreement”). The Agreement sets forth the exclusive terms and conditions between the Parties and supersedes all previous proposals, agreements, negotiations, and other written or oral communications between the Parties with respect to the Services provided hereunder.

If there is a conflict between the terms of the Agreement, the terms shall govern according to the following order of precedence:

  • the Order
  • these Terms of Service, and
  • any terms incorporated by reference by either of the above. The substantive terms contained in your purchase order, order confirmation, notice of receipt, vendor registration portal, or any other transactional document, form, or notice provided by you shall be void and without effect, even where your customary business practices require a showing of assent to such terms by us such as by signature or reference in an invoice.
  • We may update these Terms of Service from time to time in our sole discretion; the current version may be found at https://champcity.com/terms/. In the event of any material change, we will provide you with written notice. Your continued use of the Services following such updates constitutes your acceptance of the same. If you do not agree to the terms of any modification, you may terminate the Agreement in accordance with the Termination section below.
  • We will provide the Services in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. You acknowledge that we may engage third parties to provide or enable elements of the Services, provided that we are responsible to you for the performance of such third parties as if we performed the Services ourselves. You shall use the Services solely for the intended purpose in accordance with the Agreement, and provide us with all information, assistance, and materials reasonably required for our ongoing provision of the Services.
  • We will provide support to you through the standard means we make available to our customers (e.g. knowledge base, forums, chat, ticket). Authorized Users seeking support must have a basic understanding of the systems and technology related to the Services.
  • The scope of Services provided under the Agreement may be amended by any reasonable means showing mutual agreement between the Parties including click-through terms, email, support ticket, or your selections in the User Account. Any associated fees will be clearly provided to you before you agree to any such change.
  • From time to time, we may provide replacements for certain components of the Services or cease supporting them altogether. No such replacement or end of life shall constitute a breach of the Agreement.
Authorized Users
  • You may designate a number of Authorized Users for the purpose of receiving support and making changes to your account. You are responsible for managing your Authorized Users and keeping them up-to-date. You authorize us to provide all applicable support and account information to your Authorized Users and to make modifications to the Services at their direction.
  • You may only add, modify, or remove Authorized Users. We will not do so on your behalf, and we will only provide support, assistance, and information to your Authorized Users who can verify their identity. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you pay for the Services with a credit or debit card, we may remove that card as a payment method at the request of any individual who is able to provide reasonably satisfactory evidence that he or she is the named individual on such credit or debit card.
  • You will require your Authorized Users to abide by the terms of the Agreement, and you acknowledge and agree that you are fully responsible for the actions and omissions of your Authorized Users and for all costs, overages, or other liabilities incurred through your account except to the sole extent that any such use or liability is the result of our breach of the Agreement. An Authorized User, within the scope of permissions granted to such user, may make changes to the Services, and you agree to pay any Fees associated with such changes. You shall promptly notify us in the event that you become aware of any violation of the terms of the Agreement or any unauthorized use of the accounts of you or your Authorized Users.