5 Ways To Get Back Into Your Routine

It’s the summer season, and that usually means travel and kiddos at home from school! Changing one part of your routine can often cause the other parts to shift around as well. Here are a few ways I like to ensure I get back into and maintain the most integral parts of my routine.

Preparation is Key

The evening before my first day back to the real world is KEY to setting the tone. I like to prepare my mind as well as my environment. When it’s time to wind down for the evening, think about what your priorities for the day are and rank them from highest to lowest. You can write them down or just keep a mental checklist; either way, this will help make sure that you know what you need to focus your attention on. Get your environment ready so you can be as successful as possible. For me, this looks like setting out the next day’s workout clothes, making sure the coffee machine is ready to go, and knowing what I will have for breakfast.

Jump Right Back In!

It’s important to live in the moment and enjoy time off. Allow yourself to have fun, eat out, and stay up a little later than usual. When you get back, it’s easy to feel like you need to make up for the extra fun. Instead of trying to restrict your diet or workout extra long, allow your normal process to bring the balance back. Your first workout back should be your favorite way to be active, this will help you enjoy the process and work through any lack of motivation. Focus on adding more Whole Foods to your diet instead of eating less food.

Stick to the Schedule

Try your best to follow the schedule. If you have to do a smaller or reduced version of what you would typically do, that’s okay! The important thing is that you become familiar with the routine again. If you don’t have time for your typical 45-minute workout routine, do a 15-minute session or go for a walk to remind your body this is when it is time to move. Do you normally read 2 chapters of a book daily? Try to read 10 pages instead. Not only does this help re-familiarize the feel of the routine, but it also helps reduce feelings of guilt that come with skipping important habits.

Be Realistic

It’s important to set realistic expectations. If you know you’ll need an extra 30 minutes for catching up on emails or that the kids will be moving a bit slower than usual, incorporate that time into the schedule. This is where tip 1 really comes in handy! It’s also helpful to align your schedule with the important people in your life. Sync up your breakfast with your spouse or kids, this way, it’s all done at once, and you get the added bonus of time together. It helps avoid last-minute changes to your plan and the frustration that often accompanies them.

Review and Adjust

There is often something unexpected that pops up, maybe you forgot to account for a priority, or you needed more time for part of your routine than you realized. When you start to wind down for the day and set intentions for the next, do a quick review of what went well and what could be improved. This helps make your routine more efficient and it will help decrease stress and anxiety because you will be even more prepared than you were on day one!

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