Transformation Month: Highlighting Jarred Lawson

What originally brought you to Champ City? Why did you feel like you needed help along your journey to better health? 

I was a bit of a Coach E. fanboy on instagram.  His story and drive was inspiring to me.  One day he put out an offer for a free trial and I was compelled to go for it.  The trial was my first step in the right direction.  After the trial Coach E stirred up my desire to take it to the next level.  I have been through a lot of health and wellness stints and they have all been great and helpful, but this was fun and different because I didn’t have to depend solely on my own motivation and knowledge, having a coach and friend to help lead and guide has been a total game changer.

What have been some of your primary goals, both physically, and mentally?

Physically, I didn’t have well defined or articulated goals, I just knew I wanted a change and I knew that required a mindset jolt.  As I started moving in the right direction, more clear and fun goals started taking shape.  Lose 20 lbs, hold a handstand, and now perhaps my biggest goal, running a half marathon.  Mentally, some of Coach E’s encouragements have gone to work for me: “Motivation is Overrated”, “Never Too Late”. These sturdy encouragements have helped me press through days I didn’t want to workout or keep fighting to be better.

What has your experience been like working with Eric and the Champ City team?

From the beginning, Coach E. treated me like a friend.  I didn’t anticipate how valuable that would be, and how much it would help me succeed.  I didn’t know how helpful encouragement could be.  Also, Coach E. is very sacrificial and generous with his time.  Along the way I have had so many small and trivial questions and he has answered them all.  I have felt the same intensity and cheerfulness from the Champ City team.

What do you feel helped you the most on your journey?

A healthy mix of accountability, compassion, and leadership from Coach E.

How do you feel today? Do you feel you have all the tools to continue to grow in the future?

I feel awesome.  I feel like I have MORE tools than I need to grow in the future, some of the tools that have been helpful to me I wouldn’t have anticipated being helpful, looking forward to growing and learning!

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