Champ City Max 24 Weeks


24 week Custom Program:

24 Week Fully Customized Program: Designed for individuals who need to build healthy habits first prior to taking on an aggressive training program – especially a fat loss training phase. Includes workout programming, nutrition planning, and healthy habits coaching. Includes initial consultation, weekly check-in calls, daily engagement, challenges, and weekly reporting. Unlimited message access and 24/7 support.




  • An initial One on One consultation to go over in great detail your specific goals; your nutrition & exercise history; current habits history; the equipment you have access to and limitations. The consultation is very detailed and designed to unpack all the habits you currently have with the goal to master at least one of them at time throughout the program.
  • Highly personalized programming specific to your goals, abilities, and tailored to the equipment you have access to. The program is dynamic and adjustments will be made to fully optimize the workouts and nutrition to give you the best chance to succeed. Each workout will be unique and the principle of progression will be utilized throughout. The training will be facilitated through a professional training application that include video tutorials for every exercise, a built in timer to keep you locked in, and a very user-friendly interface. Each workout has a proper warm up and cool down built in.
  • Engagement: There is constant two-way communication happening all throughout the week With built in messaging. Tips, best practice, nutritional advice, recipes, inspirational messaging and more is delivered all throughout the program.
  • Recovery, stretching, and mobility routines are built in throughout the week
  • Access to our full library of 30 minute workouts designed with minimal equipment for last minute travel or limited time.
  • Custom widgets built into the client’s dashboard to easily track and view progress
  • A custom nutritional report is included that will be based on your specific goals and nutritional history
  • Our Nutrition Tips & Best Foods Guide to help make smart choices with options.
  • Weekly accountability reporting and weekly phone calls to go over the prior week, nutrition, and habits we are working on. we always look ahead to build and improve upon the success from the prior week.
  • The training application can sync to your apple watch or fitbit to track usable statistics. We can also sync to a withings scale to track body fat percentages and “My Fitness Pal” so we can track your nutritional intake in great detail.
  • Communication and client engagement is constant throughout the program with built in two-way communication.
  • Offers the client unlimited access for questions and advice.
  • Weekly Check-In Call Hours are from 12pm – 3:30pm CST Monday through Friday.