We get to know you very well in the onboarding process and our one-on-one consultation. Every detail is personalized. All programs are custom-built to your schedule, goals, abilities, the equipment you have access to, and your preferred exercise style. Nutrition planning is tailored to your lifestyle, history, and expectations. Two-way communication, daily motivation, and weekly phone calls are included to build relationships and consistently optimize your program for efficient results. In short, every detail is personalized. .

The Essentials

The Essentials

Using our filtering system, you have the ability to find a program that meets your core needs and goals! All programs are delivered through the Champ City app, which includes video tutorials for every exercise, built-in timers to keep you locked in, and the ability to track your progressions easily! Each program is scheduled to include recovery, mobility, and other activities for a well-rounded plan. You have the ability to view your workouts in advance so you can game plan for your week!



These programs are custom-built by some of the very best trainers in the industry. Each special-made program will include a copy of our nutrition ebook to set you up for any goal. The customer experience is the same as all programs are built and operated in the Champ City app. All special-made programs come with access to the Champ City member portal that includes exclusive content and access to deeper discounts from our favorite wellness companies.

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