Custom | Max 12


12-Week Program

  • Custom Workouts, Nutrition, and Meal Plans
  • Direct Communication With Your Dietitian
  • Direct Communication With Coach Eric + the Team
  • Weekly Check-Ins & Program Assessments
  • Optimized every week for your progress and life schedule



The Custom Everything Plan

24/7 Full Team Direct Communication

  • Direct access to your team within the Champ City app
  • Weekly consultations
  • Regular nutrition reports, follow-ups, and recommendations
  • Unlimited access to Coach Eric’s calendar for check-ins
  • One holistic program assessment with your team
  • Unlimited program review consultations with Coach Stefan
  • Unlimited program changes
  • You have access to all our calendars inside your dashboard for easy scheduling!


Nutrition & Workout Customization

  • Your nutrition and workouts are constantly optimized for your life schedules and progress.
  • You will receive personalized nutrition reports for your goals
  • Included are specific meal plans built as close to your current lifestyle and are created with simplicity in mind
  • All changes to your program are thoroughly explained with active feedback from you

Enhance Your Program With Integrations

  • Garmin, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit (Soon), And Others

Access To Our Ful Library Of On-Demand Programs & Workouts

  • You will always have an available program or workout when you need it quickly or want to spice things up!
  • Workouts can be filtered for time and gym equipment. This is an ideal feature to try a 20-minute HIIT workout when your schedule unexpectantly changes.

Access The Collective: Live-Streamed & Recorded Events

  • Nutrition Collective: Our dietitians cover one nutrition topic with case studies and client success stories.
  • Mindset Collective: We focus on habits, lifestyle, and mental fitness.
  • Fitness Collective: We focus on exercise, how-to’s, intentional movement, and more.

You Have Access To All Our 30-Day Challenges At No Additional charge

  • Frequent challenges with various lifestyle themes are conducted throughout the year, which can be a fun change of pace!
  • Friends & Family receive discounted options to join as well!

24/7 support and concierge-level service

  • Regular one-on-one consultations with coach Eric are performed from 12 pm – 4:30 pm CST Mon-Thurs.