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Our custom programs focus on building new healthy habits and lifestyle changes for sustainable success. Fitness · Nutrition · Mindset

Begin your new journey for $72/week!


You’ve gone through programs with some success, but you feel there is so much more you can achieve with the right support.


  • I feel overwhelmed with options so I never begin
  • I don’t have enough time to exercise or plan it out
  • My family or work priorities never allow for “me time”
  • I am tired of being tired, but I can’t any more decisions in my daily life
  • I don’t how to exercise for my goals
  • Eating healthy is too expensive, complicated, and time-consuming, so I eat out for convenience


  • To be the healthiest and happiest version of myself
  • To feel confident at events no matter your life stage
  • Having more energy and strength to enjoy activities with my family and friends
  • Be able to come home from work and be present with my family
  • To be more adventurous and take on any challenge
  • Eat more home-cooked meals with more nutrition knowledge
  • Be a good role model for the family by practicing self care


After purchase, you receive an email to schedule a call with our onboarding specialist to answer your questions and set you up for success during the getting-to-know-you phase. A second email arrives to download our training app.


The onboarding phase includes one-on-one consultations with your supporting team. We learn about your specific goals, pain points, life schedule, habits, nutrition history, and gym equipment. We get to understand what motivates you and how you like to exercise. Includes mobility, strength, and mental fitness assessments. So you never feel rushed; your program begins when this phase concludes, and your onboarding specialist guides you every step of the way.


After getting to know you, your team integrates and builds the first phase of your program. We provide you with a client “Journey Book,” our road map to achieving your wellness goals. A support system of weekly accountability sessions with your dietitian, program specialist, coach, Eric, and daily communication begins on day one.


Wherever you stand today as a result of a lack of time, other priorities, or just difficulties with getting the right coaching, it’s possible to make a complete transformation.

Years ago, as a father, husband, and often working on the road, I experienced my own need for a complete transformation after reaching a low point in my life. After multiple attempts, I realized that several components must be worked on for a long-term, sustainable transformation. I’ve put together everything I’ve learned, created a system for success, and then improved it constantly, month after month.

This program is what I would have loved to have when I started my transformation. And, I’m glad to, at least, be able to share it with you.


  • 01


    Receive expert, professional advice to support your transformation. From day one, my team and I provide nutritional advice, program support, and habit development and remain by your side for the duration of the program.

  • 02


    Get a carefully crafted fitness and nutrition plan to achieve your goals from our meticulous onboarding process. Paint points, life schedules, equipment access, exercise experience, existing habits, nutrition, and exercise history are just some of the key focus areas.

  • 03


    Experience weekly support that calibrates your program and assists you in staying on track. The human-to-human interaction is what distinguishes this program. We can continuously identify pain points and offer support to overcome them.

  • 04

    Monthly Program Assessment

    Receive a 30-minute detailed assessment of your workout progress and specific recommendations for the upcoming weeks. This consult can also be used for exercise form evaluation and improvement.

  • 05

    Monthly Nutrition Follow-Up

    Obtain monthly dietary guidance, clarity, and recommended next steps based on your progress and pain points. Your follow-up sessions are conducted with the Champ City dietitian that was part of your onboarding phase – allowing for consistency and relationship building.

  • 06

    Near instant program updates

    Have your program adjusted based on the changes in your life. Going on a work trip? More sore than usual? Experiencing sickness? We got you covered at the drop of a hat.

  • 07

    Track Your Progress

    Enjoy the ability to track all your metrics with our Champ City App. Connect your Apple Watch, Garmin, GoogleFit, and Fitbit for an enhanced experience! Scheduled and impromptu workouts can be completed right from your watch!

  • 08

    Belief and habit transformation

    The journey to vibrant health can be a challenging process, but we simplify it for you! Every tool to succeed is at your fingertips. Leave all the guessing and overthinking of the process behind you. We cover all the bases, and the path is made easy to follow.

  • 09

    All Member Portal Features Unlocked

    Obtain access to our macro calculator, recipes, and access to the full team calendar. Obtain access to the nutrition collective, free on-demand add-ons, and special program discounts for legacy customers.

  • 10

    Latest updates for free

    Receive the newest and latest improvements to our programs and services. We are constantly developing our craft, and you receive any new goodies free while on the program.

I came to Eric Champ because my weight loss had plateaued. I lost 100lb on my own, then spent over a year in frustration trying to lose anything more. Up and down by 5lb but my progress had halted. Champ got me over the hump and gave me a ton of new tools for my journey. Throughout the process, he was communicative and empathetic, while challenging me in ways that spoke to and encouraged my best self. He’s THE trainer. Working with him, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in!

Josh Thompson


Get a tailored, unique program that only requires you to show up – let us take care of everything else, and notice the transformation you experience.


As much as we would like to serve everyone, our system and program works best for a certain group of people. Our goal is to assist you in meeting, and exceeding your expectations and ideal version of yourself.

This program isn’t the best
fit for you if:

  • You are not in a place in your life to make a change
  • You are unable to commit to at least 30 minutes of workout 4 days a week
  • You are experiencing problems that require serious medical attention
  • You prefer a more physical trainer, rather than an online team
  • You are looking to lose weight or gain muscle in an unhealthy and unsustainable time frame
  • You are not interested in accountability, check-ins, daily motivations and in-depth support
  • You are not open to discussing your struggles

This program is the right
fit for you if:

  • You are determined to show up, every day, to experience a life-changing transformation
  • You have little time juggling the busy-ness of life and prefer having a unique system tailored for you based on your profile
  • You are tired of the overwhelming information thrown at you and want a simple, easy-to-follow system that works
  • You are open to making a holistic change, taking into account all areas of your life to go deep into the root causes for a life-long transformation
  • You are willing to discuss the struggles in your life; willing to go deeper constantly to make a permanent change.
  • You have reached the point of, “Enough is enough” and are ready for life transformation.

Get further clarity about how your life will begin transforming the moment you join the program.


WEEK 1 Client Onboarding Begins

Immediately gain access to our training app, the Champ City members portal and receive a link to book your initial onboarding session with a team member. We run through how the program will work, answer any initial questions and welcome you to the community!

Asessments, questionnaires and dietary intake tracking also begin this week.


WEEK 2 Clarity and Planning

Continue to receive an in-depth assessment of your current mental, nutritional and fitness circumstance. Some of the assessments will consist of strength, mobility, endurance, conditioning and threshold checks. Other assessments include understanding your life schedule, struggles, exercise and dietary preferences, goals, and much more.

Two more calls are scheduled to create a plan based on your initial assessment, one with your coach and another with our Nutritional Dietitian.


WEEK 3 Onboarding Concludes

Receive your tailored plan that is built around your established goals, life schedule, previous experience, equipment/exercise/dietary preferences. The Champ City team goes through all your information to create the most practical and ideal strategy for you.


WEEK 4 Client Journey Begins

The program begins, and we assist you daily to meet the goals set.

Your program technically begins at this point. The onboarding phase is not counted as part of the program time purchased. If you purchase a 24 week program, the 24 week counter begins during this week.


MONTH 1 Building Foundations

Receive extra support during the first month as we assist you in creating strong, healthy habits as a foundation to build from. Your program is tweaked as you progress based on your schedule and nutritional requirements.
Have weekly check-in calls, and monthly nutritional check-in calls, for added accountability and support.


MONTH 2 Adjustments Phase

Continue to have constant support via the check-in calls and daily in-app communication. We take a look at your Month 1 progress and make minor adjustments as needed.


Month 3+ Review Phase

Get a more detailed review done. We focus on expanding on the healthy habits created and accelerating or decelerating your training. If there are new goals or challenges you wish to aim for, we look at how to plan for them.


Every 12 Weeks Constant Improvement

Enjoy consistent in app support, weekly check-in calls and overall guidance as you reach new levels of wellness.

Review phases will occur every 12 weeks, with minor adjustments as needed during the other times.


It’s possible to make a transformation on your own, however our lives are filled with obligations, responsibilities and goals that it’s easy to push our health and fitness to the backburner. Sometimes, making a breakthrough requires a push outside our comfort zone, some key wisdom relevant to us that we might not see ourselves, or just a simple, yet effective program to follow.

Imagine life after you’ve transformed into your ideal self. Not only have you experienced the sweet satisfaction of putting the work in and are now reaping the rewards, you are permanently changed for the better, experiencing life in a way that keeps you feeling ready for more.

What happens if you don’t take the leap? Life continues the same with less time to make the change you want. You might end up trying systems that do not go deep enough, experiencing temporary transformation that leaves you back where you started, thinking that it’s just the way it is, accepting life at level you are not comfortable with.

Which life will you choose?


Begin your transformation by choosing either of the below options. The process is simple – add to cart, checkout, and begin our onboarding experience.



  • Only $72/week for a team of professionals supporting your journey seven days a week with 24/7 concierge service
  • Custom Everything
  • Max 48 provides a deep transformation and is a true investment in your health
  • Peace of mind as you build toward optimal health.
  • The Journey is generational. Giving you a chance to pass on the best version of yourself your family and loved ones



  • Only $80/week for a team of professionals supporting your journey seven days a week with 24/7 concierge service
  • Custom Everything
  • The Max 24 is all about building strong foundations of new life-long healthy habits
  • An ideal duration to notice meaningful changes to your body composition and mental fitness
  • Consider some personal trainers charge around $150/per hour



  • Only $91/week for a team of professionals supporting your journey seven days a week with 24/7 concierge service
  • Custom Everything
  • The Max 12 offers a glimpse of what total transformation can produce and how it can change your life
  • Consider some personal trainers charge ~ $150/per hour

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • I am a busy parent with only 30 minutes a day to exercise. Do your programs work with my schedule?

    Our custom programs are built 100% around your life schedule. We have you covered if you need 30-minute workouts on weekdays, 45-minute workouts on the weekends, and a completely new plan three weeks later!  Our 30-minute programs are ultra-effective too!  Custom everything! 

  • I am brand new to exercise. Do you offer beginner programs?

    All our Champ City Max clients go through an onboarding phase that consists of 3 consultations, physical fitness assessments, and a chance to get to know you daily with daily communication in the training app. Your program will be tailored to your exact experience level, goals, and equipment. The weekly check-in consultations offer a great chance to evaluate your progress closely.

  • Can I split up the one-time payment?

    We can split up the Max 24 and Max 48-week programs on a case-by-case basis. Ongoing sales and offers are sometimes affected by split payments.

  • I am in my mid-40s and struggling to build any routine. Does your program cater to folks like me?

    The average Champ City Max client is 44 years old as of May 2022. We have incredible success with our members who continue to lean into the process and regularly engage with us. We cherish the opportunities to work with all our seasoned clients! #itsnevertoolate

  • How do I know if the Max 12, Max 24, or Max 48 program is the right fit for me?

    This is a personal question, and difficult for us to answer without knowing a lot more information about you. With that said, the average duration in our custom programs is over 15 months, and the Max 48 and Max 24 are by far our most popular options. The extended programs also provide the most meaningful changes as clients who choose this program are deciding that this is an investment in their health. That type of mentality is essential for long-term growth.

    If you are still on the fence, you can sign up for a discovery call linked here and we can help guide your decision.

  • How does all the communication occur? What about the workouts, call booking, and other content delivery?

    You gain access to the Champ City Members Portal and our training app for your phone.
    The Member’s Portal can be found by logging in at the my account page. You can book calls with the team, see your calendar for bookings made, find your wellness assessments and more.

    You get access to the training app via a link to your purchase email. After download and setup, you will be immediately greeted by a message from us. My team and I are available through the app for any and all communication including but not limited to questions, concerns and changes to your program. All your workouts will be loaded in the app, and you can easily access them via the intuitive menus and calendar. Our app is feature rich and other content will also be available through it.

  • What equipment do I need?

    Technically, none. Our clients have made incredible progress through bodyweight training alone. Of course, weights, a gym, and other equipment can be supportive, though we work with what you have rather than forcing you to purchase expensive equipment.

  • Do you have any on-demand workouts?

    Yes. Champ City Max programs include an on-demand program with over 3000 workouts.  Our on-demand programs are broken up into ten essential categories, and you can filter the workouts for time duration and the equipment you have access to. No need to worry if you only have 20 minutes to exercise and just a pair of dumbbells; we have you covered!

  • What are all the ways you can help me stay accountable?

    We begin with a check-in message everyday through the app. Then there is the weekly accountability calls that you can book based on the available time slots. During those calls we help focus on your goals and navigate any difficulties you have, in any area of your life.

    During the onboarding process, we take a deep-dive into hurdles or obstacles that generally drift you away from your journey and goals. We take those into account during our communication with you to help you avoid falling into old habits and to form healthy new ones.
    We also take note of personal bests, exercise streaks and consistent weight management. This helps us remind you, and motivate you, of your progress and inspire you to keep going.

  • I generally do better in group settings. Are these available?

    We do have group challenges from time to time, both in the form of a la carte challenges (you will receive this for free as part of your program) and organized challenges.

    We also have plans to bring people together in groups to build the community, so stay tuned!

  • Do you really tailor the program to the equipment I have?

    Yes. We analyze what your requirements are and develop a program that focuses on those needs with whatever equipment you have available. We’ve worked with 100’s of clients with unique combinations of equipment, and we can serve your needs too.

    We love reviving pictures and videos of the exact gym setup you have so we can imagine you performing the workout in your environment with the exact exercise tools you have!

  • Do I have to use any apps other than yours?

    No. Our training app is feature rich with provides nutrition tracking, workout progress tracking, a calendar with all your upcoming workouts, a chat feature and integrations with your apple watch and other trackers.

  • Other trainers have gone MIA soon after the program begins, will this be the same experience?

    Most certainly not. During our onboarding phase, we carefully plan a trajectory that is most efficient and practical for you. From there, we assist you daily to make your goals a reality. Booking your free weekly calls and messaging us with questions can happen at any time, and we will always show up to assist.

  • Is the team concept really real?

    Yes. We understand that life transformation requires a holistic approach. This necessities us to have a diverse team with unique skill sets to provide you the support you need in all areas of life.

  • Is the program truly flexible and will it revolve around my life schedule, circumstance and progress?

    Yes. We look every aspect of your life and discuss the tailored program with you. We don’t stop tweaking your program until you are 100% satisfied.

  • I’m an ultra-beginner and love your IG workouts with lots of movement. Can I really get there?

    Yes. The reason our programs are different is because we focus on a wide variety of functional movements, much like what you find on Instagram.

  • My schedule is crazy, how long are your normal workouts?

    They can be 25 minutes up to 2 hours if that is let of your plan aNo goals, it all depends on your schedule. We cater to your needs. Although people believe that goals require longer workouts, many of our clients still meet their goals with 25 minute workouts. In addition, we are dialed into your schedule so we program for maximum efficiency to meet your needs. If your schedule is up and down, we work with that on a continuous basis. So if all you have is 15 minutes on Tuesday, no time on Wednesday, 35 minutes on Thursday, 25 minutes on Friday, 55 minutes on Sunday, we will program accordingly for maximum efficiency and results.

  • Nutrition is where I struggle most, do you offer dietary support?

    Yes. Nutrition is essential to a body transformation and we have 2 registered dietitians, and the rest of the team are nutrition coaches. Not only are you fully prepared at the start, we offer continuous support to include easy recipes and additional meal planning guidance throughout the length of your program. So if you need 10 minute high protein + high fiber lunch ideas, we have you covered!

Dakota Chapman

March, 2022

Eric is an incredible coach with the skills and traits that set him and his team apart from the rest of the industry. I highly recommend giving Champ City a chance to prove to you that they’re the real deal. This program (customized 48 week) has changed my life. I hope it can do the same for you.

Jason Watts

January, 2022

Eric has developed a program that can work for anyone. I’m pushing 50 years old, and have so far dropped nearly 7% body fat and almost 25 pounds in less than 6 months. My energy and strength have skyrocketed, my nutrition has been dialed in, and I feel as if I have created a permanent habit. So glad I made this decision…best investment ever!

Joey Pochron

December, 2021

Six months in, and I’ve lost 14 pounds, added muscle, and increased my mobility. The workouts are goal specific,30 mins long, guided and explained via video. I have a family, and a pretty demanding job, so the 30 mins in and out allow me to knock it out. I’ve recommended Champ City to my friends, and anyone else.


Let’s chat for 15 miniutes to review your goals and pain points to ensure our custom program is the right fit for you!

Working with Eric over the last few months, I’ve been able to make incredible changes to my body that I never thought were real. I’ve gone from 221 lbs to 192 lbs, from 19.5% body fat to 12.9% body fat.

Greg Szatmari

What are you waiting for?

What would life be like in 3 months, 6 months or a year, if you continue going with your same routine and knowledge? What would it cost to have your health and fitness plateau for another year? How much time can you dedicate to learning all the pieces needed to make your program the best it can be? We invest in the externals, but it’s our bodies that stay with us wherever we go, for as long as we live. Let’s invest right.