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    Access To Over 100 Unique Programs

    We made the process to find the the right program as easy as possible. Simply filter for your goals, gym equipment, exercise experience, availability, and your program is instantly ready to begin! New programs are regularly added, and you have access to those as well!

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    An Experienced Team

    Members have direct communication with a Champ City coach, and the team is at your fingertips. Our dietitians and coaches see your progress in real-time, so meaningful support is just a click away if needed. Members receive nutrition consultations, program updates, exercise evaluations, and goal reviews at a discounted rate.

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    Free Program Changes

    You can start, pause or restart your program anytime you wish through an instant program change option. You can replace your current program with a different one at any time as well!

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    Expertly Programmed Workouts

    Avoid decision fatigue and guessing what to do for your next workout by having them programmed for your chosen goals and scheduled in advance. You can review all of your data from previous workouts to progress with confidence! Each program provides optimal recovery, proper warm-ups, and cool-downs. Open the app, press start, and follow along! Simple. Easy. Effective.

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    Wearable Integrations

    Integrate your Apple Watch, Garmin, GoogleFit, and Fitbit for an enhanced experience! Track and analyze essential data such as sleep, total energy expenditure, active and resting calories, heart rate data, blood pressure, lean body mass, and much more. You can perform scheduled workouts or begin an impromptu cardio session directly from your Apple Watch and track habits on the go!

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    The Member’s Portal

    Access our custom nutrition calculator that can help you with your wellness journey! Receive a caloric starting point with protein, carbohydrate, and fat recommendations based on your body composition and goals. The Member’s Portal is a hub for exclusive content and discounts for the products we love! The companies that support Champ City support you too!

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    Weekly Nutrition Calls

    Access the weekly Nutrition Collective discussions. Each week, coach Eric and dietitians discuss one specific nutrition topic based on a four-part series: Fitness, Lifestyle, Supplements, and Nutrition Science. The sessions are live-streamed with a popular Q&A at the end. The discussions are recorded and searchable in the Member’s Portal to watch later at your convenience!

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    Join Our Community

    Be invited to join the Champ City Champions group integrated into the app. You can communicate with others, share tips, and learn how others overcome daily hurdles. The group is a source of inspiration and a place to grow. The average age is ~ 40, consisting of Moms, Dads, and experience levels range from world-class athletes to folks on day one of their health journeys – collectively seeking healthier lifestyles!

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    160 Page Nutrition E-Book

    Receive a copy of our nutrition e-book, including handy grocery lists and go-to macronutrient cheat sheets to simplify your nutrition needs. Also included are example meal guides for your wellness goals and dietary circumstance. The book answers your commonly asked questions, and we tackle decades-long nutrition myths in this book! Expertly reviewed by registered dietitians, specialists, and coaches!

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    Forever Free Updates

    Our active members receive the latest versions of our e-book, enhanced workouts, and specially designed exercise programs. We follow the science and understand how the health and wellness industry functions. As new dietary fads emerge or the latest fitness gadget captures our attention, we can help you determine if the new direction is right for you and your goals!


Wherever you stand today as a result of a lack of time, other priorities or just difficulties with getting the right coaching, it’s possible to make a complete transformation.

Years ago, as a father, husband and employee often on the road, I experienced my own need for a complete transformation after reaching a low point in my life. After multiple attempts and realizations, I came to figure out that there are several components necessary for a long-term, sustainable transformation. I’ve put together everything I’ve learned, created a system for success, and then improved it constantly, month after month.

The programs you receive are for those who want a functional and flexible option to their transformation. The core of each program is focused on whether you are looking for fat loss, muscle gain or just strength. As you progress, my team and I are here to support your transformation on an a la carte basis. The necessary tools are available, and the hurdles are surmountable. All that’s needed is for you to get started and not look back.


Get access to over 100 programs that factor in your every need and breakthrough to the next level with our teams’ support.


Below is a 3 step process on how we provide over 100 programs and access to so much more.

Begin Your Membership

Purchase the Membership program below, and immediately gain access to the Champ City Members Portal and our training app.

Choose Your Program

Select a program that is ideal for you by filtering through the 100 programs available in the Champ City Members Portal available on the website. Have the program load instantly to your training app to commence on the date of your choice.

Grow On Your Journey

Grow through your program by having your stats and progress tracked effectively through the app. Receive support via our app or through one-on-one sessions with our team on an a la carte basis to breakthrough plateaus

The quick summary, I needed a change in my current exercise regime so I signed up for the 12-week intermediate fat loss program. I lost 11lbs in 12 weeks, retained strength, had fun doing it, learned how to recover better, had amazing support, and will be signing up for another round!

A little more info, I originally signed up with Eric to change up my exercise routine after seeing him online working out, having fun, and talking about the challenges of being a dad. However to my surprise Eric and his teammate Jeremy offer much more than exercise routines. I am a medical provider, certified health coach, and have various nutrition certificates so I was delighted to see these guys preaching sleep hygiene, nutrition, and mental health in conjunction to exercise. Champ City provides an exercise routine but really is more about changing your life, hence the life coaching listed on the website. I wasn’t planning a nutritional revamp as I usually eat pretty clean but decided why not when starting the workouts. A couple quick messages about macros and total calories and I was on my way. So happy I decided to trust these two and overall I feel much better. There is always something to learn about wellness despite your level and background!

In terms of nutritional support, Eric and Jeremy have been very responsive and I have learned some valuable long-term staples to bolster my current routine. I did purchase the nutritional e-book and I really enjoy it, very detailed and reviewed by a dietitian, five stars by my rating. In terms of workouts I feel the routines are fun and challenging, no matter your skill set these guys got you trust. If your not satisfied I am sure they will ramp up the program to make it so. Lots of different pre-made routines depending on your skill (equipment) and custom programs as well. The app is great and one of my favorite parts; all rest periods and everything mapped out with video links if you need. I find it refreshing to just show up and preform the workout, no thought besides focusing on the exercise. Side note, I also did a 30 challenge with these guys that was really fun. Love/hate relationship with those workouts. The intermediate 12 week fat loss program was five stars and exactly what I needed. I have lost this kind of weight in the past with sacrificing strength, not this time around. These routines are really all encompassing. Scheduled meditation and limiting screen time, heck yeah!

Finally, I think the best part about Eric and Jeremy is their authenticity and genuine characters. I have always felt support, they respond to questions so quick, I really get the sense they care for their clients. Remember, I signed up for the pre-made workout plan not the individual one on one and I still feel this way. I never felt pressured to purchase anything and I feel financial gain is not top priority at Champ City. Happy to have stumbled across this online life coaching group, have recommended to others, and look forward to more growth. Never too late.

Mike Moziak


As much as we would like to serve everyone, our system and program works best for a certain group of people. Our goal is to assist you in meeting, and exceeding your expectations and ideal version of yourself.

This program isn’t the best
fit for you if:

  • You are in need of in-depth personalized attention
  • You are unsure of the areas you need to develop
  • Accountability is important to you
  • You need a tailored program unique to your circumstance
  • You are not interested in a D-I-Y approach

This program is the right fit for you if:

  • You are a self-starter and take the initiative to pro-actively reach out for support
  • You are clear about your needs and goals
  • You are looking for variety and functionality in your workouts
  • You enjoy tailoring your own program as per your needs
  • You can commit to your workouts without a need for accountability

Michael Wiik

January, 2022

Life changing experience for me. Signed up for the 12 week program not sure what to expect. Only knew I wanted to get get back into shape after years without any.. The workouts are fun and challenging. Really easy to use the app. And Eric is basically always available in chat to answer any question, follow up, modify the program etc. I’m a fan and I recommend it to everyone I know.

Debbie Duran

March, 2022

Champ City has helped me stay consistent, active, and find a workout routine that allows me to feel excited about! Jeremy and Eric have been very attentive and quick to engage in any questions one may have. It’s been a great experience thus far!

Nick Cukar

April, 2022

I had been following Eric for awhile & finally found the opportunity to work with him through his Free trial offer. After the trial I immediately signed up with one of his membership options & would not hesitate recommending him to anyone looking to better themselves inside & out. Working with Eric was one of the best decisions I ever made. He really cares about you both in your physical fitness goals & with your mental health. If you are looking to better yourself take Champ City up on their Free Trial offer & you will not be disappointed!


Get started with our membership today. We provide two choices, annual and monthly membership.



  • 100+ programs and more added regularly based on member requests
  • Filter for your goals, exercise experience, schedule, and the equipment you have.
  • Includes private communication for support and guidance.
  • Access to our weekly nutritional calls and our in-app community group.



  • $19/average per month, 25% savings
  • 100+ programs and more added regularly based on member requests
  • Filter for your goals, exercise experience, schedule, and the equipment you have.
  • Includes private communication for support and guidance.
  • Access to our weekly nutritional calls and our in-app community group.

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • How do I find the program meant for me?

    Once you have signed up, you will find all our programs available in the “Membership” tab in the Champ City Member’s Portal found on the website. You can easily filter based on your needs and add a program to your app, instantly.

  • Is it an app that I follow or is it a PDF?

    All programs are delivered through the Champ City app, which includes video tutorials for every exercise, built-in timers to keep you locked in, and the ability to track your progressions easily! There will be no workout PDFs.

What are you waiting for?

What would life be like in 3 months, 6 months or a year, if you continue going with your same routine and knowledge? What would it cost to have your health and fitness plateau for another year? How much time can you dedicate to learning all the pieces needed to make your program the best it can be? We invest in the externals, but it’s our bodies that stay with us wherever we go, for as long as we live. Let’s invest right.