I never received the app emails to setup my account, why is that?

Upon completing the checkout of a program as a new user, you will receive three emails; one welcome email and two app related emails.

If you have received the welcome email and not the app related emails, we suggest checking your spam. If the app related emails are not in spam, then it is likely you already have your email associated with the app. Please visit https://champcityholisticfitness.trainerize.com and choose the forgot password option.

If you did not receive any email, neither the welcome email nor the app related emails, it is possible that you entered an incorrect email address at checkout. You can check this by heading to the My Account Details tab in the My Account portal.

Should have entered the wrong email at checkout, or are still unable to access the app using the forgot password method, please contact us at champcityteam@champcity.com.


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