12-Week Kettlebell Foundations Program


These programs are custom-built by some of the very best trainers in the industry. Each special-made program will include a copy of our nutrition ebook to set you up for any goal. The customer experience is the same as all programs are built and operated in the Champ City app. All special-made programs come with access to the Champ City member portal that includes exclusive content and access to deeper discounts from our favorite wellness companies.


The first training phase of this program is to help you master the fundamental movement patterns that make up the kettlebell swing, get-up, squat, and overhead press. Over the next four weeks, you will be establishing a solid foundation that will help prep you for the more advanced kettlebell moves. Each workout includes drills to help you better understand the movement mechanics of each lift so that the transition from one movement to the next is as smooth as possible. Also included in this training phase is a set of exercises to help further strengthen your body to perform exercises like the swing with ease successfully.

This second training phase builds upon the foundation that you established in the first phase and incorporates more drills to help you master the kettlebell.

The final training phase of this program is all about getting reps under your belt. You have refined your skills as much as possible with the first two phases; now, it’s time to put you to work. You will come out of this program with a solid foundation in the kettlebell swing, get-up, squat, and press.