30-Day Nutrition Intensive Package


Champ City Nutrition Consultation

This product provides an opportunity to review your nutrition history, observe your current dietary intake, conduct one-on-one consultations with a Champ City registered dietitian and team members. Champ City will provide a roadmap to help get you started or refine your wellness goals. The process length is 30 days from onboarding consult, and all of your questions are answered.



  • Dietary intake tracking and observing essential information in real-time
  • One-on-one call with a Champ City team member to set you up for success
  • 30-minute consultation with the Champ City registered dietitian (RDN)
  • 15-minute follow-up with a Champ City team member at halfway point
  • 15-minute follow-up with the Champ City registered dietitian
  • How it works:
    • After purchase, schedule a consultation from the received thank you email. Consult includes:
      • Presentation for optimal success
      • Learn how to track nutrition – best practices
      • Answer any questions
      • Schedule consultation with the dietitian and follow-up with a team member
    • Download the Champ City training app from an invitation delivered in separate correspondence 
    • Answer questions about your nutrition history in the delivered questionnaire
    • Track your current dietary intake inside the training app
    • Conduct initial one-on-one consultation with the Champ City RDN
    • Champ City provides a nutrition report and tailored meal plans
    • Conduct follow-up with a team member to assess progress and answer any questions
    • Conduct follow-up with RD at the 30-day mark to answer any remaining questions
    • Champ City provides takeaway information and possible next steps