Champ City: The Standard

$210.00 / Month

The Standard: A Fully Custom Program With An Affordable Price

The Standard is a fully customized program that includes two onboarding consultations with Champ City team members, nutrition planning, two-way communication, and optimized to fit around your life schedule and goals at all times. Daily communication is offered for best practices, encouragement, and accountability. You have access to the weekly Nutrition Meetings with coach Eric and the Champ City Dietitian.





  • The Standard includes the same level of experience as the Champ City Max and Champ City+ programs with the exception of the full onboarding phase and access to the coach’s and dietitian’s calendars
  • The onboarding phase includes two one-on-one consultations with Champ City team members and is reviewed by Coach Eric.
    • After signing up, gain access to the Champ City training app and two-way messaging
    • The first consult takes place within 72 hours of signing up to set you up for success in the onboarding phase and provides an overview of how everything works.  After the consult, you will begin tracking your dietary intake and conducting various fitness and mindset assessments
    • The second consult is with a team member to review your goals, habits, life schedules, exercise history, the style of exercise you enjoy, current struggles, and motivation
    • Your program start date is at the conclusion of the onboarding phase
    • A detailed report will be delivered to you based on our assessments during the initial phase and present our plan on how we intend to meet your goals
    • A nutrition report, starter meal guides, goals, and best practices will be delivered in the Champ City training app
    • The onboarding phase gives us the ability to highly personalize your program that is specific to your goals, experience, schedule, and tailored to the equipment you have access to.
  • Each week, we make adjustments to your program based on progress and feedback to stay on track while meeting long-term goals
  • Two-way communication inside the training app allows you to ask all your questions and we proving daily encouragement, tips, and accountability.
  • Recovery, stretching, and mobility routines are built-in throughout the week to maximize your training potential.
  • You have access to our weekly nutrition meetings that cove one topic of interest.  The meetings are engaging if you are there live and are recorded so you can review them at your convenience.
  • You have access to our full library 20 and 30-minute workouts for those unexpected schedule shifts
  • Meaningful data about your progress is at your fingertips inside the training app and presented on your dashboard
  • Integrations with Apple Watch and Fitbit are available to share your energy expenditure and track your heart rate through all workouts
  • 24/7 support and concierge-level service. We are always with you to offer the level of support you need in real-time.
  • Weekly Check-In Call Hours are from 12 pm – 4:30 pm CST Monday through Thursday.