Eight Dimensions Of Wellness



I find healthy ways to cope with stress (e.g. exercise, meditation, social support, self-care activities, etc.)
I am able to ask for assistance when I need it, either from friends and family, or professionals.
I accept responsibility for my own actions.
I am able to set priorities.
I feel good about myself and believe others like me for who I am.
I am flexible and able to adapt/adjust to life’s changes in a positive way.
I can express all ranges of feelings (i.e. hurt, sadness, fear, anger, joy, etc.) and manage emotion-related behaviors in a healthy way.
I maintain a balance of work, friends, family, school and other obligations.
I do not let my emotions get the better of me. I think before I act.
I have a healthy relationship with social media.


I take time to think about what is important in life – who I am, what I value, where I fit in, where I’m going.
I make time for relaxation during the day.
I have a belief system in place (religious, agnostic, atheist, spiritual, etc.).
My values guide my decisions and actions.
I have a sense of purpose in my life.
I am tolerant and accepting of the view of others.
I utilize resources to improve my well-being.
I am active in communities or causes I care about.
I am able to set, communicate and enforce boundaries.
I work to create balance and peace within my interpersonal relationships, community and the world.


I manage my weight in healthy ways.
I exercise regularly.
I get 7-9 hours of sleep each night and feel rested in the morning.
I seek advice from health care professionals if I have a health concern I cannot solve on my own.
I do not use or avoid harmful use of drugs (over-the-counter, prescription and illicit).
I drink alcohol responsibly (i.e. designated sober driver, avoid binge drinking, etc.)
I protect my skin from sun damage by using sunscreen with SPF 30+, wearing hats and/or avoiding tanning booths and sun lamps.
I maintain healthy eating patterns that include fruits and vegetables.
I stay hydrated and drink water throughout the day.
I protect myself from STIs and unwanted pregnancy by either abstaining from sexual behaviors or using proper protection, such as condoms.


I am satisfied with my social life.
I am involved in at least one university community or group.
I maintain a network of supportive friends, family and social contacts.
I have at least one meaningful relationship in my life.
I am accepting of the diversity of others (race, ethnicity, religion, gender, ability, sexual orientation, etc.)
I am able to prioritize my own needs by saying “no” to others’ requests for my time.
I have someone I can talk to about my feelings and struggles.
I participate in social activities and enjoy being with people who are different from me.
I give and take equally in my relationships.
I plan time with my family and friends.


I am able to set and stick to a budget each month so I don’t run out of money.
I know my total amount of debt and interest rates.
I pay my credit cards, tuition/fees and other bills on time.
I know about the different sources of financial aid that I am eligible for and apply when I am able.
I have a savings account and save money regularly.
I know my credit score.
I keep my financial information safe by using secure passwords, PINs and dual authentication.
I feel good about my current and future financial situation.
I check my bank statements/accounts each month.
I understand how to build credit and use credit cards wisely.


I am able to balance work, play, school and other aspects of my life.
I take advantage of opportunities to learn new skills that can enhance my future employment opportunities.
I know what skills are necessary for the occupations I am interested in.
I strive to develop good work habits (dependability, initiative, etc.).
I work effectively with others.
I have confidence in my job search skill (resume writing, interviewing, cover letters, networking, etc.).
I have explored different career options.
I know where to find employment opportunities (job service, online, etc.)
I manage my time effectively.
I have participated in internships or volunteer work.


I have more complex and bigger questions before answers when problem solving.
I have consciousness of the limits of my knowledge, including a sensitivity to circumstances.
I seek personal growth by learning new skills.
I look for ways to use my creative and critical thinking skills.
I am open to new ideas. Especially when my core understanding of the matter is challenged and evidence exists.
I impulsively by planning, clarifying goals, exploring alternative strategies, and considering consequences before they begin.
I am consistently engaged in conversations about topics of interest as opposed to reactionary topics of the day.
I have insatiable curiosity when presented with something unfamiliar.
I am eager to learn.
I am able to adapt my behaviors in order to cope more effectively with the environment, or make changes to the environment I am in.


I spend time outdoors enjoying nature.
I reduce, reuse and recycle products.
I try to lessen my environmental impact.
I walk, bike, use public transportation or carpool when possible.
I am concerned about impacts on my local, national and world climate.
I have a space to call my own.
I feel comfortable in the space I occupy.
I feel content in my environments (class, home, work, etc.).
I shop locally.
I participate in campus events that help my community (food drives, fundraisers, etc.).


Maximum Score for each Dimension is 40.

Total maximum is 320.
Which dimensions could you improve on?
Which dimensions are going “okay”?
Which dimensions are you having success in?